Potter & Picnic

I took a leave and brought my 2 sis to watch harry potter and play this bowling thing.HP - love it! somehow did reminds me my visit to the majestic Glencoe, the place where they shot part of the movie. By the time i went there, they'd finished the shooting already and Hagrid's house was dismantled, then. Paul told us the area was packed with tourist during the shooting.Wish to be there again as i had less than an hour there, and it was raining ( typical west-Scotland's summer).
Oh..the movie? Great and love it. I'm no reader but i enjoy watching the movies a lot.

We planned for a family picnic at this 'waterfall' area, but after half an hour driving, we found it was closed. An ad-hoc plan then took us to another one, and i had to drive for another hours there.We arrived there about 10, then looked for a good spot for us.It was fun, but the only thing i hate so much was 'kebersihan'.

Iee....geram sungguh aku bila fikir balik tempat tu sampah org buang sesedap hati ajer...we had to do this cleaning first then baru bleh piknik. imagine la..pampers baby tu, pinggan kertas, sisa makanan etc. diaorg nih sesuka hati ajer buang kat tempat berkelah tu. Tolong ler...tong sampah tu ada...in fact dah la masuk ke tempat tu kena bayar tiket jugak...somehow..mana ada makcik cleaner ke apa yg tulun bersih...then worst bila comes to toilet thing...iskkk..meremang tekak aku nih...jadik fobia ajer rasanya.

So...picnic became neutral on the enjoyment scale, as i enjoy having fun with my family, as well as able to shoot more than 10 frames with my Dynax 7 on water as the subject, as well as feeling dissappointed and phobia, traumatic with this cleanliness issue. Erghh....if i said this is msian people habit, being a 'litter-bug' ( loly's fav. term), would you agree with me guys?I've been away for quite sometimes and i guess i learnt a lot about being aware on this cleanliness thing.

As Malaysian, if people asked me what do you don't like about Malaysia/Malaysian...i guess i have reasons for not being proud of our people, and this is one of them!

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