My Memory ( You'll Never Walk Alone ...)

This is not the continuity of Road to Scot's Land.
Don't worry, it will be back soon.I was housekeeping my room during the weekend where i then flipped through the last copy of Match of the Day magazine of Liverpool for season 2001/02. So much memory for being a proud fan of the Red back when i was student for the past few years.

I wasn't a big football fan actually and i didn't have this strong interest on supporting any team before that. I guess because i can't play good football. Other than Liverpool, Man. United, Chelsea and Arsenal, i knew nothing about EPL. In fact, i just knew Liverpool because Owen's wonder goal during France 98 and Man U because people keep mentioning about this Beckham. Chelsea and Arsenal..errr..may be because they did come to Malaysia for a friendly during their tour.

I didn't expect my passion on football to grow when i arrived the land of EPL. The reasons probably, as all my housemates were big fan of EPL and plus we had this sports channel subscription where endless matches of EPL available to be watched.But, the exact moment when i became a follower and big fan of the Red was when i watched their first leg of 2nd-round UEFA Cup, against Italian giant, AS ROMA, away. Owen did a superb job to score double during the match, and bang...he became the front page news on the next morning. The win against Roma was really a benchmark for Liverpool as from there, the sequence of success seemed to fit every single movement of the Red.

I started to buy and keep every single copy of Match magazine and newspapers, if possible, that had this news or features about Liverpool.2000/01, was the best ever season for Liverpool under our only Houllier where we managed to secure 5 cups within months. The League Cup against Birmingham City, FA Cup against Arsenal, UEFA Cup against Alaves, UEFA Super Cup against Bayern Munich and Charity Shield Cup against Man. United.Sander probably one of the best goalkeeper i'd ever seen, and Owen's double within the last 10 minutes of FA Cup final was really a superb miracle.

It was such a memorable season for the fan. So much things to be proud of, from the spirit of KOP fans, the tale of Gary Mac and wonder boy, Owen , the day when the KOP cried for our first European final after decades, the greatest ever European final with 9 goals thriller, having the best European home-fan voted by UEFA, the double against Man. United and more ...

Oh...winter of 2001, i managed to secure a trip to Anfield and took pictures with all of the trophies won during the season. Back on the early of season 2001/02, as Red managed to secure Champion's League place, together with fan, Red had put such a high hope to bring back the League Trophy to Anfield, to bring back the glory of 80's back to the Merseyside.It was, however, not a good season for Liverpool as we didn't secure any trophy during the season, but we still proud for being the runner-up of the EPL, managed to go until quarter-final of Champion's League and secured another season for the tournament...

2003, i was a bit lost with the track, but Red didn't perform well as only able to secure a League Cup trophy, while at the same time lost the place for Champion's Leagues to Newcastle and Chelsea. Probably, as it was my final year and i was too busy with my study. Plus, my housemates...i mean as we moved to the new house during my final year with Apai wasn't around that much and others were not so interested with this stuff, i felt like losing the grip to keep enjoying the match.

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