Digital Bug?

So Nikon will follow Kodak to quit producing compact film cameras - reuters -
What about Canon and KonicaMinolta?
I'm waiting for KM first ever DSLR, expecting to hit the market this summer.It'll based on D7 with KM's APS-C size 6mp Anti-Shake CCD.PP and PM expect this D7 Digital able to answer the pray of loyal KM users and it will be a bang, same as what D7 did before.But, KM is actually far behind Canon and Nikon in this area.

The groundbreaking Dimage 7 series won't able to stand still and fight as D100 and D30,D60 and 10D came out years ago. Even to have the features-packed A1 and A2 with AS-CCD, people expecting something more.They said'Nikon makes the best lens, Minolta makes the best bodies, Canon gives you the best compromise'.KM surely have the strength here, hey..they were the inventor of AF SLR during the time people asked, who needs AF ('s not Akademi Fantasia's Auto Focus) but they look like losing the grip to catch up the race in this digital-thing. For this, they have to pay a lot for losing the market as most of the tired-waiters switched to others.Even the promised SSM lens, seems to be only rumours.

sigh...i still love my D7 and also film photography. It's really a pleasure, to hv the prints on my hand and to see the slides via my 20 bucks jessop's viewer.The classic is still there,I enjoy to see the real-to-life Reala's and Supra's print, the smoothness HD's grain, the punchy EBX and Velvia, even i still admire the Tri-X and Ilford mono prints.

Digital, the advantages that outgun films that i see now are the instant feedback and ability to recycle your storage.It's quite hard to have a good processing and printing lab, thus to have a digital camera, is another advantage.Time will see the future of film long as Fuji and Kodak keep their promise to keep producing good films for the market.

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