To all my good friends aka Sheffield buddies...
sigh..finally the hard time is over and you guys been rewarded with what you deserved, after 17 years being a 'student' ?I guess the hard work is paid off and i know there is a mixed feeling on celebrating this graduation things. May be there is regret things or something like that, but trust me...try to put things in a positive way, you'll appreciate yourself and your success.
How ? well each have different approach.I've been through hard time too just to get over the fact i am no achiever when it comes to this graduation thing, but this has taught me a lot. Remember the next episode is uncertain. You'll hate it more or love it, but hey that's it for what it much motivational talk.But bottom line is,
A Degree is something, but it is not everything.
Have a vision for your future, and be aware of we might need to move on from our comfort zone. Don't turn up and ask 'Who moved my cheese?' like i used to be before! Learning is part of life, we did mistake but we have to learn from it! he he...Malaysia boleh...

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