Berhenti Berharap ...

mm...3 days production logging course at Awana was good. i learnt a lot about this thing which important as part of reservoir monitoring and management process.DBs buddies were good too and i enjoy meeting them.oh...but the best thing --- food -- he he...when attending a course at such big resort like Awana..for sure food could be really dominant.Lunch was lovely...especially the deserts...uihhhh..plenty of cakes, pudding, fruits....sure i'm gonna miss the selection. On the other hand, just realize, i'm gaining more for my spare tyres! sigh..need to work out then or else my six-packs to be sounds like a dream then

while having this lunch with Fendy and Rozek, after they talked about few issues about our office etc. suddenly i've been asked,

'Tell me, how do you feel now?'
'I mean you and your job/training now?'
silent then.i looked at fendy and gave a look .
The thing is, i'm tired to give an exact answer when people keep asking about this. Sounds like this issue has never been solved. I know it's good to have people concern about me, but it's just me who tired to think and give them a short answer that will satisfy them.

I talked to Koko after that about this and told her, ' Actually, i planned to answer like this ...'
'I'm happy with what i've been doing right now which is trying to enjoy my work there. I want to keep learning and if there's luck i'll work there orelse i'll go find other work then.' sad to hear Azzuri's team have to go back home early. They are so unlucky again, after failed to perform at WC 2002.Farina msg me this morning and we chat about this disappointment and by right our back-up team looks different the default hers is England, while i'm thinking to go for Portugal or Oranje.

he he he...Guess what, as EURO hits the world, people seem to forget the Wimbeldon heat then...Roddick and Federer look good to make it, but the Brits are hoping at least Henman able to do something miracle....oh..i went to Music stores after the course and tried to find ROTK's DVD, as well as Jason Mraz cassette, but it turned out i bought this SC7 best compilation...see things don't always turn out the way we expect to.

by the way..rudy ... the Olympus C-310, the budget compact digital camera at current price of RM899 just won the TIPA Best Compact Digital Camera this probably suites your need then. he he...anyway..better go and play with it at the shop first.

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