Mencari Unta ...

Cuti-cuti Malaysia?
Tidak sama sekali.
Ok guys, i had this 2 days EL. And then back to office on Friday morning. Somebody came to me ' You know what, people sort of missing you for the past few days...'.Heh..really? Then another one said to me ' What happened dude? Heard people said you were too stressed because of work, you got sick etc'.

I don't know guys, but for the past these few days, i've been thinking a lot to move on. Quit the training and do something else. Marketing sounds good, or maybe business? I am such a dreamer. Next week and the weeks after, my scary-life is waiting me. I feel like having this trauma to get back to work as usual, just because my stressful experience last few weeks.When friends asked me what has happened, i said, i was cracked under pressure. Then they asked why?

'Well, sometimes, when i push myself too hard on something that i really don't like to do, i will reach the limit and then i will crack.'

I came to the office during weekend, sat down and had quite a deep thought on my so-called job. Then slowly started organizing myself and did some house-keeping on the database etc. Then i tried to finish few of tasks that i just left during my EL as i'm expecting my bos will ask me about it. But i felt not having the grip on it. I'm losing the grip again!.

Is it me? or Is it them...i mean my bos, workplace, colleagues etc. ? That makes me so hard to enjoy my work there?

Oh..bintang RTM really sucks i guess...full of 'yuk' rather than 'wow'. Evenso, they still said it's still the most prestigous event in our country..where we have Rohana Jalil, Ramlah Ram, Jamal Abdillah, Juliza Adzlizan, Siti Nurhaliza ...Wake up people.....

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