I.M.P.A.C.T. Part 2

OK...these are 2 of my favourite movies ...

1) Lord of The Rings Trilogy – perhaps the greatest ever movie of all time. Effort to bring this epic into film was brilliant and the 8 years hard work really paid-off as this trilogy bagged tons of awards and praises, plus USD 1.3 billions till now, worldwide. A remarkable achievement in film industry? May be I am to exaggerate and probably my praise bites all the Godfather’s fan out there, but hey…this is my list then.
Believe or not, I watched The Fellowship after 8 months it released in the cinema, via DVD, a courtesy of Remy and plus, I haven’t watched the Return of The King, yet. The moment I had the chance to watch FOTR, honestly, I had this regret feeling for not watching it earlier, in the cinema. As the 4 discs collector’s released, I started being the big fan of this trilogy, and watched FOTR, countless, including the one that few hours before watching the next of it, The Two Towers at UGC.
I’m such a freak with LOTR as I could have this discussion on the scenes with friends, being the explainer, even remembering all the weird names and tried to learn the Elvish language. Still remember, how silly I had this sudden moment, rephrasing the dialogues from The Two Towers during the time I watched it in the cinema for 4th time.
I have this centenary edition of the book, recommended by Intan, which I finished just few days before ROTK released, perhaps I’m able watch as the DVD release soon by middle of this month. Pete doesn’t not only bring the ‘soul’ of middle earth to life among Tolkien’s fans, but to people who don’t even read the book. Packed with countless impacts from the storyline till the technical things like cinematography and superb effects, LOTR left me being proud as the fan on this epic.

2) Matrix Trilogy – I hate to admit this, as I’d been criticizing this trilogy a lot, except the first installment. The Matrix was sort of phenomenon when it was released few years ago as it created this futuristic identity for itself. Fresh idea from the brothers, the bullet-motion act, the black leather suit with stylish sun glasses, Nokia 7210 etc. etc. Reeves and Moss aka Neo and Trinity became icons with classic identity. But ‘Reloaded’ looked a bit like ‘failure’ in term of music-score and the 10 minutes no-need romance scene, but the action sequences stand out here even sometimes few were too long for me, while ‘Revolution’ left me with ‘wow’ for its special effect during the attack of the weird machines, but made me speechless, lost and felt like ‘That’s it?’ for the ending.
I guess when I became a movie-mania, I just couldn’t help myself from looking any slips or weaknesses from this high-rated (or overrated?) trilogy, back when the 2 final installments about to be released. Hey, the trailer showed before the X2 on the screen, was really amusing.

ok...next ............

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