This is the most important thing when creating a photograph. Same subject, but different approaches, will give different impacts. Either yours reflecting a story behind the subject, or able to stand out the beauty and characters of the subject, or even obviously speaks by its punchy colours, or even able to envisage the amount of effort taken behind it, etc. etc. etc. And for sake, the definition of impact on a photograph is different for each of us. Obviously, read the ‘argument’ between Dan and David in their judgment section in Photography Monthly, or even if you saw the top lists of Practical Photography’s Photographer of the Year leagues.

We will see things from different perspective. Advanced beginners like me, have different ways of interpreting the impact of our photographs or sometimes others photograph. As I might look at the combination of picture sharpness and composition, others might look at the selection of the subject. Or when I said I like my first daffodil pictures so much as it reflects the beauty of its colours and petals structure, others said this is just an ordinary shot. When I said, I like my tulip pictures as the depth of field and sensia’s colour really bites, people say, ‘wah nice tulip, it’s not easy to get tulip in Malaysia aaa…’. One of my shots taken in Venice using Velvia, well... perhaps one of my best photographs, couldn’t be noticed by others. It is a photograph of a boat in the small canal, with almost perfect reflection and punchy colours. Sharpness and composition for me second to none, but others don’t see it. It’s just a snapshot from Venice then.

Same like watching movies, I guess whenever I was asked to list down my list of favourite films this will be the criterion. Impact, either it able to reflect the effort behind it, or the actors/actresses performances, the effects etc. Back to my good old days as Sheffield’s student, I was a regular UGC-goers and movie-watcher. He he...somehow still miss that days. UGC’s subscription probably the major attraction as 10 bucks a month, you can watch unlimited number of movies there, plus the cinema itself is superb. Hey, Sheffield has this largest UGC Cinema in UK…he he...something that I always claimed when telling people about my 2nd kampung.

In fact, we had this full subscription of Sky...same like Astro here, but with tons of channels. So, the opportunity was there. I can’t say I’m a big fan of our movies as I don’t have much chance to enjoy most of them, but I did watch a number via VCDs and keep on my eyes on the industry too. Yeah, I can't wait to see how PGL will perform!. To put my any of our films in a combined list won’t be fair as I see there’s lot of spaces need improvement, compared to the list of my favourite films. Impact, as my criterion, still lack in our films that I’ve watched.So, what are my favourite films then? We’ll see on my next entry … till then have a good weekend.

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