Bugger is Bugging like Bugs

Yes..it's about my work again.I'm totally lost with this latest 'important' assignment where each engineer must do for their fields. It took me till 3 pm to kick off things and it started with bugging people with tons of questions. Luckily, Harris didn't mind and willing to help.It's scary to see abnormal DCA from the OFM for my fields, plus i don't even know what CAPEX and OPEX have to do with this annual planning for reservoir.

Reza said, i should get married so that i won't get emotional easily. Aiyaa...what a sacarstic remarks! If kawin is just about akad nikad plus mas kawin...i guess everybody won't get headache, but it's just more than that ... too many ++ la...especially responsibility. I really need a break for myself, may be alone. I don't even able to get the 3rd Chapter of Cold Mountain done for the past few weeks. 'The Colour of Despair' seems to be endless as i kept returning to the first page of the chapter again and again, as i couldn't concentrate on reading it.

Too many things in my mind, plus i'm easily getting tired lately. If i lay on my bed after maghrib, i have this 90% chances of sleeping. My dream holiday break probably somewhere in the remote resort like kenyir or kapas island, where i could relax reading my books, enjoy the nature, plus....taking photograph. Anybody wanna join?

I did a presentation on 'Making Photograph' yesterday in the office for the sharing information slot. My 'bigger' bos seemed not too interested as he kept mentioning 'even, this has nothing to do with our dept.' ...well sort of. It was supposed to be a tech. topics..well like my final year project..as Hj Bo suggested..but as i had this problem to access the files, plus i think people in my department should hv a little break from all this tech or engineering thing presentation...i should share with them..something practical and easy, so i chosed photography then. At least..the clerks seemed curious to hear too. Plus...they noticed me know...i'm a photographer...he he..good strategy. Till then ...

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