Back on track ...

I had a long chat with Fendy and few good people about my stress on my work few days ago. It just happened as Fendy suddenly came at my workstation, and slowly asked me how things go on. It's not easy to share problems with people you don't really know face to face, but it did happen. May be he sort of brother figure to me, and been helping me a lot, i was triggered to talk things to him.

It was supposed to be 1-2-1 talk, but then there came others, to hear. As expected, i was then given motivational advice by them to stay strong and buck up. They pity me for carrying such a burden, while i was treated like 'kuli' there. Hey..try to hear harris thought, i felt thankful for having people speak up for me.

I went for a meeting at tower 1 on Tuesday. Well, it was an urgent call as the flight was booked at 4 pm the day before, as they suddenly proposed me to go for it. It wasn't so good, as i only had a slice of lemon cheesecake from 9 - 6 pm. Not even a breakfast. I had to skip lunch, as the morning meeting done at 2.20, and after zohor pray, i rushed for the next meeting. After half-way, as realized no reservoir engineers from project team there, kassim brought me to see them at tower 2.

I was pleased to meet them. It was a good experience knowing them, as they were really helpful and gave me a very warm welcome. I didn't even have a seat yet, they already asked me to stay longer there, as they said i could learn a lot about PNL. They were really friendly and we talked like colleagues. Even i could share my situation with them, and off course they gave me advice, motivation etc. not to give up. was just a 2 hours chat, but i feel like going back and see them again. They asked me to come back, and try to request from my bos a frequent visit there. Yeah..i wish i could, but me just a trainee ...he he they don't like me keep saying like that. You can do it bro!

So am i back on track now? I guess a bit. I mean sharing my prob with good people like Fendy and Harris, as well people from the project team, more or less, does help me feel better to face days in front of me as a trainee there. I hope things getting better.I guess the major problem here is miscommunication. I was sort of suprised when my boss came to me during the break in the meeting and asked me whether i was ok and understood things about the meeting or not. Even he said, if there's any doubt, we'll have brief discussion back to office.

Even i feel good when working today. I couldn't help myself from telling people my good experience meeting those project team, and i feel willing to fight for myself. I always realize, if we don't speak, people couldn't hear us, but normally having no-guts, hesitation and low-self esteem always delaying me.

Still remember words from the Kuasatek Pic. big boss

'untuk didengar kita kena bercakap''untuk dilihat kita kena berdiri'

am i back on track now? ...

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