My Memory ( Road to Scot’s Land )

Whisky and Scotland.
Brewed for almost 2 decades, just for a pleasure to be sipped, whisky has been a part of Scotland’s identity. Almost each parts of this majestic land, has brewery, yet most still process this thing in a traditional-look way. No complex or high tech machine.

And a visit to whisky brewery was part of the MacBackpacker’s trip. As we left Dunkeld, Paul reminded us about we will be offered for a drink during the visit, and for sake as a guest for the free tour, he advised us, the three Malaysian mafia, to take the glass, and offer it to somebody else behind secretly. It should be more like pretending you’ll drink it. What an advice then.

The one that we went located near to Pitchlocry. We were greeted by an old man, who sort of our tourists guide there, and he was complete in a Scottish-kilt suite. First we were taken to watch the documentary video of the brewing process and the history of the brewery itself, while being offered a glass of 15-years old brewed whisky. Fahmi and Sharina were lucky as they got these Americans who willing to drink for them. While I was pretending I had already, without even took the glass. He he he.

We were then taken to visit the brewery and see the process and the smell wasn’t so good. Fahmi was about to puke as we entered there. After almost an hour there, Paul drove us to the small town of Pitchlocry, as we were going to drop some of us there and take new people from the youth hostel there. Me, Fahmi and Farina had sandwich for lunch and then took a walk around the small town.We had new backpackers joined us from Pitchlocry and the mini-bus was completely full.

I then had to sit next to this emoticon Japanese dude, who more or less, not so fluent to converse with me. Argh…just can’t remember his name, but he traveled alone from Japan, taking a long break after resigned from working with a pharmaceutical company there, if I’ve not mistaken. Then we had another two Americans, who looked like latino dudes, a number of Aussies and also Dutch ladies.

From Pitchlorcy, Paul took us to visit The Queen’s View, a favorite spot near along the road to north, to watch this breathtaking Scotland’s nature landscape. Unfortunately, it was afternoon already and the light was too strong and I’m not so happy with the picture I’ve taken there. We had this incident where we almost left the Japanese and he got mad then, and didn’t want to talk to anybody after that for a while.

From the Queen’s View, as we heading to Inverness, we dropped by to visit an old ruin which I don’t recall the name and then the Culloden Battlefield, the land where the famous battle involving the Scots ages ago. Impressed again, as Paul told us the story about the battle before we reached there like things on his finger tips.What much more amused me was, the beautiful highland landscape started to become more significant as we were moving to Inverness. Our first destination there was the legendary Loch Ness. I was damn excited! 

Nessie…we’re coming…

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