My Memory (Road to the Scot’s Land …)

As it was summer, the sun rose about 3. We woke up for subuh pray and then continue our sleep till 7. For only 2 bucks, we had a glass of orange juice and croissant for breakfast. The dining wasn’t so busy, as early morning it was packed with people who will travel early, like us. We waited outside the hostel for the mini-bus. Edinburgh at 8.30 am in summer was quite and peace. Locals started to rush for work, while the main road near the castle began to be filled with first-bird tourists, who wanted to feel the fresh air and crisp atmosphere of this big city.It was almost 9 am, when the mini-bus arrived in front of the hostel.

We met Paul, a 110% pure Scottish guy, who will be our tourist guide for the trip. Our first impression on him was a bang, where the friendly and LOL to be sparked as Paul start to talked.Few minutes, after loading all of the stuffs and gathering all the backpackers who will join the trip, our journey began. While driving out from the busy Edinburgh, Paul introduced himself and gave a short briefing on the journey, while asking the people behind his seat to pass around the complementary journey pack to all of us in the bus.

As we cross Edinburgh famous bridge, heading to our first destination, Dunkeld, he asked each of us to pass him any identification card. It was for our ice-breaking session, as after that each of us introduced ourselves to all, stating the name, origin, jobs etc. It was fun, and for sake as we were the only Malaysian there, he called us the Three Malaysian Mafias, on board dude! I don’t recall how many exactly people joined the trip, but we had an emoticon Japanese guy, bunch of Aussies and Americans. From what I recalled we had an Aussie cowboy and nurse, two 18th years old Americans students, a couple from California, where the lady is an actress while the guy is a musician, yeah he brought his guitar too.

Along the way to Dunkeld, Paul with his extremely-thick Scottish accent told us the stories lie behind the great Scotland. I was impressed as he seemed knowing his motherland from heart, which I don’t think I’m about Malaysia. Scotland has the reasons for being proud, and Paul is one of them I guess. The strong Scot’s blood is in him. While enjoying the beauty of Scotland throughout the journey, it had been proved then Scotland is a favourite for backpackers, as I could see sometimes beside the road they waiting for hitch-n-hike, cycling etc. even in a mini-bus like us, and they weren’t just people at our age, but sometimes oldies.

We arrived at Dunkeld after 2-hours journey. It’s a small town and known for the old-cathedral built years ago. We just had a walk and visit the old-monument, then bought some fresh strawberries from the stall nearby. I don’t remember for how long we were there, but then we were heading to our next destination Pitchlocry. ‘It’s whisky time!’

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