Me, Myself and Her

I thought i've put my life with her back then. But when a friend who just called me and asked about me and her, it was like refreshing back my memory with her.It's kind of tragic for me, as after knowing her for almost a decade, it turned out thing couldn't work out between us.

A decade we've been 'bestfriend', terms we or may be i choosed to use to describe our relationship, we ended it only as we argued about moving on. Moving on into serious relationship, where she forsee the marriage and family, very soon as i came back from oversea.

It was me i guess who ended the relationship. It was more like ' I let her go', 'Don't wait for me' and 'You deserve something better'.I'm selfish and i don't want to take her live with my selfishness where i can't give a commitment and attention to her.

Let her go ...Parv once said to me, it's better for me to move on, either stay and give a confirmation or leave her for good. It's just a woman's nature, she said. Woman wants the relationship to be real, confirmed. It more like, 'I'm yours' attitude. While man isn't.Parv said, this is the reason she broke up with her ex.Simple thing, but too much to be understood and agreed by me and her, my ex.Hey ... i'm from Mars and you're from Venus.

Bukan Ku Tak Sudi

Ku anggapkan semalam
Satu kenangan yang suram
Bila cinta kita
Putus di jalan
Ku harapkan impian
Menjadi kenyataan
Namun aku kecewa

( 1 )
Mudahnya waktu melafazkan janji
Engkau dan aku berdua serupa
Rupanya mentari dalam mainan percintaan

Telahpun ku bentangkan segalanya
Mencari entah dimana silapnya
Jelas asmara kecundang jua

Bukan ku tak sudi kasih
Untuk bersamamu bercinta lagi
Kerna antara kita
Tidak sehaluan lagi
Maafkan diriku sayang
Menolak cintamu untuk kali ini
Walaupun ku tahu
Bersungguh benar rasa hatimu

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