it's just an ordinary weekend. nothing much. except, i had a jog with mak on friday morning. well, it was more a walk, actually.
ayah still in sudan, probably be back by middle of next week, ain just went back to her school, and cha as usual, sort of MIA, leaving three of us, waiting for the new week to come.the stressful thought on my training for the past few days just make me realise, it hasn't over yet. more or less, i've to emotionally struggle.
yeah, i love to use the term emotionally, as i believe i'm having sort of inferiority complex and low-self esteem syndrome i guess. try to leave me alone, and i will start to think on this. am i regretting the path that i've chosen for myself now? i hate to admit it, but more or less i feel it's true. first, the mistake of choosing my OPU for this training.
i guess i was blind, and too eager to create something different for myself. to regret, yes i guess it is a mistake to be there. i should've been more specific on this matter.i've been browsing jobstreet for the past 2 days, searching for any hopes and chances.
even bought thestar for the recruitment section. flipped through it few times, and suddenly i thought, why does it looks like the prospect of chemical engineers in msia so blur? they don't even hv an official society like ICheme, and to find a list of employees quite hard. it's not like UK, i guess, where through the ICheme monthly magazine, i could find endless list of opportunities for people like me.
i read a quote from graduan website about fresh graduates shouldn't be too choosy. it reflects on me as i believe i'm kind of choosy type as i still want to work as chemical engineer. is it wrong to be choosy? i could've been a sales engineer if i accepted MITCO offer, but i didn't. just to think, is it worth to throw what u've learnt for your degree, just to get a well-paid job?


  1. sorry, but i couldn't help noticing the word MITCO..

    just want to inform you dat u're lucky u didn't accept MITCO...



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