Explorace? No la ...

what a weekend!
last friday more or less, i felt like being in the explorace thingy.woke up at 6 and then went to zul's house by 7.20. We rushed to kuantan airport, just to find out our flight delayed for 20 mins. Arrived KLIA by 11.15, then we took ERL to KL Sentral.From KL Sentral, we headed to KLCC, and as arrived we went straigt to the mosque for friday prayer. 2.15, after met Hazif and his chap, me and zul were separated where i went to Times to get a copy of Cold Mountain. We met at the tower 1 office lobby to get my pass and rushed to level 21 meeting room. Almost everybody which 99% i don't even know, were there already. Meeting started about 3.10 and guess what! it was like being in a torture room where i had to listen to all this G&G thingy on Static Model. Too much thoughts and issues, and meeting ended by 6.30. With empty stomach, me and zul rushed to KL Sentral and then to KLIA to catch our flight. Penalty ( or rewards?) , the flight was delayed again for 20 mins. Luckily we were able to hv something for dinner. We arrived kuatan about 10.15. Along the way back home, i couldn't help myself from taking a short nap. Arrived kerteh at 11.00 and then bebudak kerteh fetched me home with their bikes. 12.00 am, i'm on my bed. well...not exactly, internet for a few mins, and doing some stupid things etc. then slept.I woke up almost noon on the next day. Well that's all for RM340 claim. huaaa.....Anyway, i'm starting to worry about my work now. As zul about to leave, and i'm still figuring out what to do. At the moment, i'm working on creating the monitoring spreadsheet for our new PNL while keep up to date with MASA. Working on somebodyelse file and a new field ain't easy. First, i hv to get used with the current database, 2nd i hv to carefully create a good base for a new field working file. Harris is not around, hopefully when he's back, my days will be better.I've matco paperwork to be done, team building proposal to be completed etc. etc. Arghh...may be i need a break.


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