Bla bla bla...

It’s just sometimes I feel like doing something without knowing the significant of doing it at that time. How serious zainal with the plan to fill me into zulhairi’s position? Starting from today, I think I just realize he’s serious about this. I had a chat with zulhairi this morning and I just knew that he’ll be attached on KL-based project by next week and MASA, plus our new babies Penara and Lukut, will be under my responsibility. And then we received e-mail from zainal requesting us to attend meeting for Sotong and Anding project in KLCC this Thursday. While after the presentation by MATCO on sand monitoring services, zainal just made things clear that i'll be the focal person for the project and dealing with MATCO if we agreed on their offer.Somehow, while I was driving back home today, I just realized things suddenly came in bulk. Is this true? I’ve been left for 2 months wondering what to do, and then this? I know, I should’ve looked this as an opportunity, but it’s just happened too fast and may be too much. I don’t know what their expectation is, but I believe I’ve to do the real engineer job now, even I don’t have clue at all about it. Well hopefully this is not a total handover thing! I still need guidance though.Something that really disturbs my mind at the moment is that Kembara. I’ve been to the station for few times, to get the tires pumped, but it still the same. 180kPa is less than normal, from what I heard, so should I take a risk then? 240 kPa sounds good, but am I gambling the safety of my car? I have to wait for ayah on this.


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