Another Day

so yesterday did make my day today much better than before. the adhoc meeting triggered by fendy between me and our head of department was such an impact.
first it helped me to clear the mess and issues in my head, and i got the confirmation on who exactly will be my supervisor.
it's really good for somebody like me to hv a good people like fendy around. i'm no good in projecting myself, and he seems my unofficial focal person there. anyway, i rushed myself for a short meeting this morning with my supervisor, zainal, for a start.
we had a discussion on which field i'm to be assigned and my training schedule. so it will be MASA, the short-form for Malong, Anding and Sotong platforms. Nothing much after that except, browsing for FRMR of MASA to familiarize with the field.
Then there was a short briefing on HSE thing and i got sleepy and kept yawning througout the session. Isham too, kept telling me 'busan weh!'. i had my copy on MASA FRMR to be read tonite. real job man! just couldn't believe as my emotionally-struggled part about to end.
New day has come, i guess and may be i shall put the tag engineer on me later on.


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