My Memory ( Road To Scot's Land )

virgin train was awesome! new-cousy seat in a modern-look coach made our 10 bucks journey more than worth. it took about 3 and 1/2 hour if i've not mistaken for us to Edinburgh. eventhough it was quite boring, the trip presented us the beauty of the heart of north england. it was really nice coastal scenery we saw as we left Newcastle.
few minutes from Edinburgh itself, i could see the proud view of the city. we arrived Edinburgh during the lunch time. the train station was quite big compared to our own sheffield's, busy with people especially backpackers . this obviously envisaged us the atmosphere of other major tourist city, London where you could see people from all over places, loaded with their rucksacks, cameras, maps, around the public transport stations.we took a walk to our hostel, the Castle Rock Hostel, located few miles from the station, and ideally between the old Edinburgh city and their one and only Edinburgh Castle.
it looked cool ( what a word ) and full with friendly atmosphere. in fact, it was busy with people like us in and out, while few who waited to check in , had their rest in the lounge. as we only can check in after 2pm, we left our rucksacks in the hostel and took a walk to the city centre. i had a really good impression on Edinburgh from the moment i step my foot there and while walking to the city centre, i just couldn't get my eyes and mouth from praising the beauty of the city. we had a lunch at pizza hut as that was our only choice for the time being, i mean we hadn't found any halal food area yet.
we rushed back to the hostel after lunch to check in and load our stuff into the room. we had our zuhur pray and rest for a while. me and fahmi were put into a big-dormitory style room, with a number of double-decker bed, each name by plant as our room called, 'biology' or 'botanical' if i've not mistaken. it was quite good eventhough not as good as Kendal YHA, but the spirit of backpackers was there ( yeah! ).
After had a rest and pray, we started to explore the city with Fahmi as our pilot as he was so enthusiastic with the laminated maps bought. the spirit was there dude! We walked almost to every single part of both New and Old Edinburgh City. Even we found and took a picture at the house of Alexander Graham Bell. It was quite tiring, but i guess our mission more than accomplished as we dug the heart of Edinburgh till grave! ain't it? In the end, we took a walk and had Edinburgh favourite spot to watch sunset, somwhere on top of a hill which i couldn't remember the name, where few of Edinburgh landmarks were there.
it was really a great moment, where i wished i could freeze the time and be there forever, to watch the spectacular view of Scot's main city showered by the diffused sunset light. Even we agreed to come back to the place after our backpackers trip. We went back to the hostel about 10pm, as it was just after the late summer sunset. After having a dinner, we cleaned up,pray and had a good sleep for the next day dazzling trip, 'McBackpackers Scotland Highland Tour'. Here we come scotland...!

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