Lost In Translation
it was just 2 days after the hari raya haji, i rushed for my OJT duty-report with Carigali kerteh. 6 of us are attached there, where i am assigned with PTS1 section , the sub-surface engineering group.
it wasn't a good start for me, and for them too.
it was totally a new field i guess as people talk with all this PE terms...yeah reservoir, well, asset etc. i felt like lost in translation. what a mess.
as it was middle of the week, people were busy completing their work, and most of the important persons went for meeting etc. in KL, while my supervisor was not around. he still in mecca for hajj.
the first person i met was en.zul, the acting section head, i guess, where he then took me around the section, introduced me to the colleagues. in term of that, it was good as i could feel the friendly atmosphere in the section. but then, he was blank, and everybody too as they didn't know the schedule of the training itself. worst, for sake koko wasn't around and they had bunch of works to be done.
i was left at a cubical next to nabila ( she's nice ) and near en. zul cubicals with some PE journals.
the first day wasn't a luck for me as i had to do my own work - reading the PE journals again and again - while sometimes they came as asked me any prob and had a chat with me. worst - as my hp out of battery and i couldn't get in touch with others.
2nd day was quite good, even lost in translation mode still circulated. pretty good start as they had a short section meeting as an ice-breaking session for us. then, all plspian called for a meeting with the HR manager and we had a briefing with shahril until 12.
back to office, i did my own work and wait for lunch. they invite me to join them for lunch but i had planned with the others. .
back from lunch, the question rose back, what am i supposed to do there? fendy took me for half an hour, gave me explaination on the section operation while habil printed me few materials to be read and i do believe helped me a lot to sketch my own training schedule, that can be used as back-up in a meantime. ' u have to identify people who willing to help u and go for them ' harris told me. but i guess all of them, look nice, friendly and helpful so far. well, almost each trying to ensure my time occupied aka prevented me from being bored.
anyway, i haven't had a good weekend too. parents and kak long been to KL for adik ji engagement and abg mat marriage, left me alone, doing stupid things. few things to be done i guess, as my own effort and intiative on my training process such as a short essay on 'what does an engineer do?' and 'PCSB and PTS1 operation' probably might give a good early impression to them.
thank GOD as my dad allow me to borrow his laptop , so that i can do some my own work as well as get connected to the internet. and i'll try to live my Life is ... ?. i want to continue my story on the scotland and europe trip later on. till then ...


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