Life Through Lens ...
I received my first copy of practical photography last week and it really gave me a relief as I waited it for quite sometimes. Actually, it was supposed to be the January issue, but I do hope as my subscription application was submitted on January, they aren’t able to process it. But somehow, I’m still waiting for my 2nd photography magazine which is photography monthly. This one probably, well hopefully, a bit late, as it is stated that it will take about 28 days for the subscription to be processed.
Anyway, I was excited when received the first copy as it did spark my photography mood back. For once, I started to look back my bag and play with my gadget. But worst, and heartbreaking when found out shit happened to one of my lovely lens, the 24-105 mm. I noticed the present of some kind of fungus on the front element and I couldn’t clean it manually. This is really a shit as to find and get a service for this gadget is quite impossible here. Somehow, when this happened I am triggered to surf eBay and ffordes for 2nd hand gadget, where now I have listed few in my mind and they are the 28-135 mm, 70-210 mm f4, VC7 and a flashgun. Photography is really an expensive hobby. I get to have few thousands for all of these which I believe must be done before summer, as reza will back for good by that time. In fact, when it comes to spending something from the UK market, I’ve a lot on the list such as DVDs, DVD player etc. Money is really a problem for me as living with RM1000 trainee allowance a month, will be a struggle for me for this kind of plan. My credit card is still useful, so my overdraft and I guess I can slowly utilized these for the time being.
Anyway forget about the shopping list. As I got the magazine, I was tempted to enter the annual photography competition of the magazine. The themes so far quite amusing and pulling as I’ve few ideas in mind. For the time being, I’ve to sketch some rough idea on each theme and may be make each as my personal projects for this year. Reflection, Shapes, Urban Landscape, Happiness etc. are some of the themes. And I’m still figuring a kick off for all of these may be with spending some money on films, surveying a quality lab and also get a confirmation on international replay coupon thing as it is required for oversea entries of the competition.
It’s been almost 3 weeks, I lived my life as PTS1 trainee and I guess this week so far was quite useful. I think my relationship with the officemates getting much better and I’m able to project myself, a little bit, within them, and I had this 2-days course on well services thing called CTU. It was held at KSB and BJ’s office in kemaman. Even though, I felt like a dumb and lost being there, the food was really good and the content of the programme really helpful and valuable as gave me an exposure to this field, I had this hands-on session on controlling the CTU unit etc.
Got a msg from my adik, asking for a weekend break with kembara. Unfortunately, it ain’t able to be fulfilled as I guess too much and there is no issue to bring the kembara there. I think he’s a bit mad as I received his msg with few marks. Dude, it’s not about we controlling you or neglecting you, but to teach you. Life is not about easy-mode always, where you can always get what you want. In fact, for sake have you ever think about what u’ve done so far? If not to the family, to mum and dad. Hv u ever realized you put a lot of worries in their mind? Hv u ever think that, it’s been a lot of times you neglecting us, ur family, and come for us when u desperate only, well normally money-thing etc.? Think dude, friends ain’t everything. They can come and go, but family ain’t. Either you hate it or love it, they will always be there for you. And for sake, the sense of belonging, is part of us, no matter you realize it or not. Think dude…think!


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