Keeping a promise
it ain't easy to keep a promise lately. i'm such a dumb. it's just only a blog, yet i still not able to keep my promise to frequently updating it. laptop seems to be useless, considering either i've it or not, i still not able to make it happens.
it's been 3 weeks, i've been a part of PCSB family. quite fast, i feel time left me behind, while still wondering my real mission there. i've been experiencing few pms modes lately, as i felt quite a struggle for me to cope with the changes. changes from a chemical engineer to a petroleum engineer.
i feel thankful for the support given by a lot of people around me to overcome this, especially fendy, a senior there and my good friend, koko. born and lived in a spoon-feeding shell really trap me in my own world. i'm not able to buck up as what people expect from me. people labelled me as introvert and very quite, like i live in my own world and i only have one friend there, koko. i don't know what to do, i mean to change immediately so they will notice me. it's not that i'm not able to do it, it's just i need time. people ain't pushing me, but they just gave me advice so that i realize with the real fact, the real world where i am now.
i just need time to be like they want.
fendy is a nice chap, guiding me since the day i've been a part of the family, and makes me feel welcome there. it's not easy to have people who you don't really know, willing to help like what he did and do. he lend me a reference book, he consistently greets and asks me for any verdicts, probs etc., giving advice etc. it's just like what koko and harris said, he's a good mentor and willing to help. just wondering, why i don't get him as my supervisor? if this is officialy since my first day, i bet, i won't lost in translation, and i guess, i might have a real work experience.
the others ain't bad either. helpful and welcoming, 2 words to describe them.
till then ...


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