PLSP 2 Part 2 ( Aren't they?)
i woke up a bit late today and i missed my breakfast. i am still in 'sleepy' mode, figuring out what to write, what to do here, exactly. i'm not the kind of ad-hoc person, where planning is a crucial part for me. well ... 10 am tea-break probably help to boost my mind.
i slept a bit late...well not too late i guess, but again i did something stupid which i feel ashame to forgive myself. i slept in a mixed feeling last night. Relieve, as all the lab reports were submitted on time. Happy as i have only one more task to do. Not so happy, as it's not easy to get things that i want for my presentation, where i have to spend hours on the net, just to get the right information for the presentation, which i have to continue it today, stress when put people around me into my thoughts. is it me or them? i don't why this kind of pms feeling suddenly appeared. i feel like shit when think of it. is it me or them? i feel like it's so hard to be in their shoes. to fit in. to be with or like them. why this feeling again comes? i thought i've already get over this kind of freshies-habit as i thought they were different. may be i was wrong about them.


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