New Year 2004
I miss my blog. I miss to write. I miss to share my thoughts and stories here. Yet, internet access is a major limitation for me to do this.
First, my bro has taken our only Pentium MMX to the school, leave nothing to be a medium for me and internet. Then, it will be only 3 times a week, we will have the privilege to use internet...well if i can find a space between the classes or lab sessions, it can be more. 2 reasons, plus, i'm not so comfortable updating my blog with eyes around me. yeah they might not be that 'busy body' but they probably have a peek on what am i doing, rite. but i will try my best to update my blog after this.
new year 2004 just arrived 8 days ago. couldn't believe within 7 months my biological clock will turn to 24. i'm getting older, yet my mind and my sould still feel like 23..well sometimes sweet 18. what a dream!
i didn't and haven't set any wish or target for this year as i don't have enough ...nay...suitable time to think about this.
INSTEP really put a part of my life beside while i spent most of the time doing the tasks assigned for us. at the moment i'm doing a bit of one of my lab reports. oh..i haven't told ya about INSTEP...well may be later.


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