My Memory (Road to Scot's Land ...)

it was late june , i guess when i saw the ryanair advertisement on free-flights to more than 20 europe destinations. well it was not free at all as the airport tax must be paid, but still cheap, 15 bucks for a single trip.
i buzz fahmi and suggest for a trip, if i've not mistaken to copenhagen via malmo airport. everybody was excited i guess, about the trip, i mean sharina, fahmi, farina and myself. then we did a budget for 3 days 2 nights trip to copenhagen and it turned out for a worth-trip, 200 bucks nett will be emptied from our bank account. sad to say, not everyboday able to do that and we had to cancel the plan. i started with a back-up plan, a trip to venice and back to UK via Milan. Kewl.... as calculation made, i found it would cost about 150 bucks. everybody again interested, but not everybody able to make it, may be because the date chosen and also tight budget experienced by some of us. i bugged tazli and asked him to join me. luckily he was interested to join me. well this time, i sticked to the plan, where whatever happened only two of us go for that trip as we only manage to secure the tickets for us only.
next day, as fahmi browsed the scotland backpackers trip site , an interest had grown up in him, so did i, and we made an ad-hoc plan to join the backpackers trip around scotland. budget had been done and from our calculation it would cost us only 150 bucks ,again. this time, 3 of us decided to join the trip - Fahmi, Sharina and me. fahmi booked the trip for us via phone and bought the train tickets to edinburgh that night.
on the next day, i started shopped things to be taken with such as a 35-litre rucksack , a wind and water proof jacket etc. well that was kind of an investment and robbed my bank almost 60 bucks. it was monday if i've not mistaken.
on the next morning, we went to the train station in rush to catch the 7.30 am virgin train as jury overslept. well he managed to get us to the station on time, but it was quite an exercise for us as running to the platform. amusingly, at first we got in to a wrong coach as we misread the coach number. we went to the club-coach i.e. first class coach. the train- lady face full of suprised and unbelieveable thought as we told her we had booked our seat there. she let us go and then we read again the ticket information and sure we were wrong. we had to move quickly to find our seat as it is not easy to bring ur 35-litre rucksack seeking ur seat in a moving full-house coach, but we found it at last and thanx GOD as we didn't have to bug and ask any freeseaters to move. so the journey began... here we come scotland !

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