Kembara DDVT
2 funny things happened in my life today, both about our new Kembara. this morning, it was the 4th time i drove the car. i went for a haircut with ain. we noticed the fuel almost empty, yeah..thanks to my brother who has been playing around with our new kembara to everywhere he wants, anytime he prefers, without thinking about the fuel, yet still doesn't know how to appreciate the freedom given to him. a little fact about this guy. he just 19-year old buddy who now on long-break from his certificate-school polytechnic. he just finished his practical with our dad's friend's company. at 19-year old, as i believe he has been hung around much older single people who normally don't have clear vision, he creates and earns himself so much freedom. it's not about being jealous or what, but imagine for a 19-year old student like him, enjoying such a luxury life, yeah ...the kembara ( that was supposed to be family car), the RM1200 samsung mobile, nike presto on his feet, and doesn't have any ability to spend quality time with his family. at 19-year old...not 21-year old where i believe u'll get the key of freedom, he goes out every night to hang out with his kind of friend and comes back on average 12.30 am midnight. when we call his expensive mobile, normally he will never pick up the call... unless my dad keep trying until he feels that he has to. see..this is the mentality of our new generation -born in a rich if not 'cukup makan' family, don't hv clear vision of life a.k.a ambition, etc. etc. etc. i'm feeling kind of tired with this kind of attitude as this is still a responsibility for me to look after him too. urghh....
anyway forget about him...i want to share my experience about the kembara. first, we went to petrol station to fill up the tank, but as we got there, i just realized i didn't even know where was the switch or whatever u call it to open the tank. i looked almost everywhere and even asked the guy there where do normally the thing is placed, yet he also didn't know. at last after called my brother, we found the switch under the carpet at my seat.
next thing is, when we went back to home from a grocery, as i parked the car, i just realized that i didn't push the hand-brake back. what a mess !
i'm waiting for my dad back from KL as he will bring back the b&w film and prints that i took during the PLSP program. my brother...yeah that one, goes to kuantan now with his kind of friend for a house hunting. heh...i think it is more than that...can u believe he just put a pic of a girl ...i guess his gf as a wallpaper....berangan !!!!


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