I Miss My Blog
phew..luckily this is just a simple journal, where i don't have guestbook, counter and regular visitor, i guess. if not, i must 've been complained for not keeping the promises i made before. again i left this blog for about 2-3 months, this is due to some circumstances that i couldn't avoid. but i still documenting and compiling a lot of stories in my mind to be written here, yet , i still don't know when it will be the best time for me to start back writing . i miss my blog. i spoke to imran few days ago and tell him about doing this stuff ( yeah ..he doesn't know that i've one already), but just need to start it with something fresh, i mean the way i do it, the contents, the frequency i update etc. etc. in fact , once i thought of open a new account and start it from blank page. the next Life is...? version probably something different and will not be related to this one. i mean, i fee kind of leaving this blog behind. but i guess i won't do that as Life is...? had been a part of my life back when i was in UK and i was addicted to it so much. may be it's good thing to keep this blog while i myself change my own attitude towards this 'responsibility' - find something to be written, update it frequently, improve etc. etc. okiess.. time will see i guess, as i have the mood back to write but what i need now is get my touch back ( walaaaahh ...cam bagus). so just wait..but things that i can't promise - things that i told i wanted to write in this blog before. as time goes on, loads of stories accumulated and i don't know wether i'm able to put everything in here. but i will try..as i love to read my experience and stories again and again too. okiess..chow...


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