Our 3-week easter break is about to end and i am still in holiday mood. well ester break is not as enjoyable as summer break as i still have to think about my study and exam though. summer in here was a heaven i guess, where i felt totally free, just went to work, had fun , watched movies etc. no study at all. this coming summer probably my last experience on long holiday things. step out from the life as a student and enter the life of a responsible adult with job to do, life to be taken care etc. possibly will never consists of this kind of holiday in its schedule, except if i take non-paid holiday. get it? life after this probably all about work and money. pardon me if i'm wrong , but that are seemed to be the things that i think about life after graduation. i guess i am now positively think that i'm gonna regret this big change in my life. this what i think at the moment, it may be changed later. what makes me think like that? i feel like i haven't had chances to totally enjoy my life as student as much as i want to. being me is not easy i guess. its more like being nobody. i don't have many friends and i am kind of person who not easy to get around other people. weird thing as i've been living for almost quarter decade but still having this problem. college was a proof of this problem with me, where ever since i felt truly being nobody there. well instead of this not easy going thing, i guess inferiority complex also trapped myself as people went there were too smart. in fact college was really a major change in my life as moving to english-based education ---- well more about the language. college was my experience being at the bottom where my academic was horrible, i couldn't fit in a lot of things etc. what a nightmare to survive. the only things i did enjoy and still remember about my college are the bangsawan night, lembah beringin evening walk, my chaletmate and end of a-level period. nothing else i guess. and between all of these memories, i guess the end of a-level things is the most i remember. i found life there, i found true friends and i cried on the way back home after a-level graduation as i regret missed the experience throughout my 2 years there. but almost everybody didn't feel what i felt and sharing feeling and my appreciation on the friendship with them kind of a big mistake. and i felt at that moment, everything before was just a dream. and i felt like missed my good-old-friends back when i was a semsasian.
well forget about the friendship talk at the moment, just want to share my brief review about X-Men 2 that i watched 2 times this week. it was really good and i give 4 out of 5 stars. far better than the first one and as no-fan, i guess i enjoy the movie so much. the storyline has something now - drama (my favourite), action etc. nightcrawler really kicked ass. Iceman is cute, muahaaa..he and rogue more like brother and sister...he he. Storm now is much more beautiful, she had hair-job i guess and showed her power a lot in this movie. fight scene between Wolverine and Lady Deathtrike awesome. and i feel sympathy with Cyclop loosing her lovely Jean Grey. this part is a bit touchy for me, he he...yeah cyclop loves her so much. and i hate that william stryker so much. i mean the way he talked to wolverine urghhhhh..so annoying. well i'm waiting for next movie as my favourite Famke Jansen will return as Pheonix. well that's all for now. till then ...


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