life is all about things we do, not things that we could have done. words from my favourite series Dawson's Creek, spoke by Eddy to Joey. it hit me i guess and i believe it is true. why? i don't know but as i looked back my life behind, i realized things that i haven't done or could've done, were not things that put me where i am now. i could've bought a finepix s602z. dude, do you have it now ? so what? no use of talking about it. i could've been to scandinavians last easter, so what dude? i kept fighting with myself with this issues. well it's not all about the digital camera or the trip to scandinavians...but more than that. like now, i bet tomorrow i'm going to ask myself i should've been studying while there is time. this brings me to what has been told i.e. 5 things before 5 things. it's true. arghh..i'm going to go nowhere if talking this issue. he he..
i'm hungry actually. dinner was supposed to be 8pm, but there was no food when i went to the kitchen. so i'm hungry and don't idea to talk about complicated issues.
things happened past few days:
1) Revision - increasing the frequency is really important now. i need coffee and something to munch.
2) Movie - Phone Booth, and waiting for a friend to keep a promise to watch Reloaded with me this coming weekend. i like Phone Booth and Collin Farrel is such a promising actor. almost 2 hours, it was all about the sniper and Stu Shepard. ending was gasp and breathtaking, also twisted. but it was a good movie and fresh. and again Collin was great. hey..Katie Holmes was there too. more like a cameo.
3) Dynax 5 - sold to somebody for few quids but still not enough to cover my overbudget. i might need to sell my hp, scanner and printer.
4) The Chromes - they are awesome and i start to love them. i ordered bunch of chromes and want to try all of them before get back to msia.
5) Flower - my photography subject for this month. i'm going to take this seriously. a combination of chromes, dynax 7 and sigma EX with bunch of colourful flowers hopefully will help me for something better this month.
6) Planning - Scotland, Paris and Italy trip. still under planning but seems i'm the only one who takes this seriously. well may be lizrin too. arhhh...people busy with exam.
7) Wednesday routine - i hate so much. i hate it and i hate it. people can be such an ignorant when they are busy. dude, i have an exam too. so what ? if this happens again, i think i have to be like Hulk.
8) Shanty and Marcell - i've been listening to them lately. the song - 'Hanya Memuji' such a fresh track, another masterpiece from Melly.
9) Ziana Zain - i've listened to Ke Lembah Asmara for 5 times i guess and i like it.
ok that's all. i've to start my revision after hours of break.


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