Last saturday, 3rd of May, SMSA organised kind of farewell picnic-party for all of us. a bit early, i guess, but may be because people getting busy towards the summer with exam stuff and they did this early. it was good, everything and enjoyed it every much. the weather good enough for my sensia, foods were great except hard to find tap water to wash my hand, games and crowd were exciting. played 'baling selipar', 'zap-teng' and reza's expertise 'cap-kelicap cap cap'. so much fun, where i laughed a lot especially with reza's acts. he was so funny. thanks a lot guys.
class just started to day and i managed to go for it. nothing much, except my holiday mood still strong. today i spent a day around campus. after class, had pasta for lunch with lizrin. God, that just made me felt so enthusiastic visiting Italy. kind of weird actually as the feeling suddenly came, but i hope i'll make it.
a bit disappointed with a friend actually and this not the first time. he got a plan already with his friends. well dude, i don't know what makes it so hard for me to get you join me, but i do remember that i always asked you first to join me if i had plan. if i didn't ask you about the scotland plan last night, i wouldn't know that you are heading to Italy this summer with your friends. offer me to join you as one of your friend can't make it? well dude, that is not the way it should be. i thought you have plans already this summer as u told me about to chill with your cambridge friends and then going to concerts with your english friends, and i was a bit reluctant to ask you join me, but whenever the plan came out, i asked you first and you had plans already, other than i expected. goshhhhh...this happened few times before. remember winter time dude, when i asked about going to Italy, u said u r in heartbroken mood and wanted to chill out with your friends , to find some privacy, release your tension etc. but you had plan too and invite me to join you last minute, that was only when i asked when are you going to london for a break?. dude, why when it was somebody else, it had been so easy for you to go with? not me?. i get it, i'm only your housemate and photography mate. that's all about i guess.
i'm not expecting for something more. just want to be like your other friends too. anyway, i guess i'm a bit emotional with these simple stuffs and better for me to decide not ask more from you. yeah we are just friend.
at the moment, i'm stucked with this damn subject i've been studying. It's Nuclear Reactor Engineering and i'm only one there. kind of hard actually to study alone and nobody to refer to, in fact it's quite hard subject. i've been trying to do the tutorial. none turn out so far. tomorrow, early morning class will be this subject and hope ewan will give the answer for the tutorial. i don't know how to get start with it.
go to sleep now. it's 9 am class tomorrow. and hope to make it.


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