this is just crazy ! my hp having a problem at the moment since it's been blocked by the cellular ops. i just called them and notice that, i made an international calls that cost me £75 and that's the reason why they blocked my service. just couldn't believe this bullshit! now my budget a bit way from what i've been planned and calculated. arghh this is f***ng bullshit !!!!. Since when an international call is allowed by vodafone if u just subcribe the off-peak service ?. Now i realize my t-65 extra-ordinary function cannot be used anymore. seriously, now i've to think of selling my gear in order to cover my budget back !. but i love my dynax 5 so much since it is my first ever slr. well may be i just sell the lens, that sigma 70-300 and the 50mm , since i'm not using these 2 lens do dynax 5 !. this is a problem when u r just a student but having an expensive hobby ! may be i should reconsider of going totally digital since i don't have to think about buying the film, process the films, etc. i really have to think about this and i hate what happens now. well as usual, until one time in your life, you'll find that 'Things don't always turn out that way !!!! '. till then ...bye


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