I'm back and still in holiday mood. too many things happened, and not everything able to be told here. i finished my final year project on 22nd of April, after about 3 months struggling on it. satisfy? well subjective things to be elaborated but i am satisfied. it's not a first class work i guess, but good enough. hopefully it will get a good mark. working on the project was a valuable experience for me, i bet for all of us too. devoted life for it, left what-so-called normal life behind, just to get it right. i can't describe it much more here coz i'm tired to think about what was happened along the way, but it was good and valuable experience for me.
25th of April, 9 of us went to Lake District for a holiday. it was good, except the weather. 3 days there and it was raining. if considering what i've been planning to do, explore the nature of lake district, doing my photography things, the trip was not reached it. in fact, windermere and kendal are not as breathtaking as ulswater. i only managed to get a chrome, a velvia and a superia done for the whole trip. but it was still a good trip and i enjoyed every moment with my good friends there. well hopefully our next trip to scotland will be much better than this ! i wish to travel with u guys again before back for good.
the youth hostel was really nice, located in the heart of kendal town with friendly staff, nice breakfast etc. well..i'm thinking to go back there again...he he.
the thing is, my desire and enthusiasm to have a vacation hasn't end yet. i'm still in the mood to go for a holiday, preferably somewhere close to beautiful nature landscape. i want to enjoy the opportunity when i am here, taking pictures etc. well..hopefully i can at least make this thing after my final exam, IF i have extra money.
i am poorer by hundred pounds because of mistake. well the first one, a dream of FinePix s602 become a nightmare. i can't believe this happened to me. what's wrong? well, the f***king bastard played fool with me, ran away with my money.
then my specs, had this loose and lost things, where i have to make a new pair, two actually, of specs. cost me £152. something that is beyond my expectation to happen. but feel good with my new pair. he he
what else? movies..yeah interesting.
i watched Chicago during out trip to Lake District. it was supposed to be Dreamcatcher..but things went wrong, and we watched Chicago. comments? well...i'll go for The Hours as the best movie. It was good actually, and i enjoy musical.
yesterday, i went to watch Collin Farrell's 'The Recruit'. this one is good and i enjoyed it. well may be not an oscar winner movie, but i like the movie. i planned to watch the other Farrel's movie 'Phone Booth', but i had to wait for another 2 hours, if i wanted to. so i decided to go for Edward Norton's '25th Hour'. Bit sleepy when watched this movie, but it is not because the movie, i was tired i guess. 25th Hour was not so enjoyable as The Recruit, may be because it is a heavy drama movie. it was a story about a man who tried to put his life back in the way it should, 25 hours before he goes to the jail. Friendship, i guess the value that touched me. what a guy am i?
got the opportunity to watch the new matrix trailer. awesome and superb...and i'm really looking forward for it.
tomorrow i'm going to watch X-Men 2, with Imran.
what else? well...still thinking how to cover my budget....till then.


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