i miss what i do so-called life so much. spending my weekend at UGC with 2-3 new movies, going for a window shopping at meadowhall or sheffield city centre, doing my photography, etc. without so much worry about my academic stuff etc. it has been almost 3 months i guess, and the 3rd month of 2003 just passed, what i've been doing before been left just because i have a commitment to this project stuff. how miserable is that. i am not such a good person when it comes to manage your work, time etc. and i guess this might be the reason why i can't have my life as usual while at the same time finishing my design project. it's 12.10 am and i can't sleep, may be i had a mug of kenco costa-rican coffee before that, and i'm stucked with my design too.
it hasn't been completed yet as it should. two things left at the moment, the gas expander and the pump. i thought i've settled the pump problem, but found that there is no efficiency data for my pump operation, and i might have to design a multi stage pump system. while i've been spending a lot of time looking almost everywhere to design the gas expander, the result is still none. i didn't turn up to the class today, since i was thinking to have a go on my design,and also avoiding my mate from keep asking me about data that he needs from me although i've told him, that will be sent by this weekend. i spent almost a whole day, trying to get the price quotation from KG, a company that manufactured and supplied the random packing and packing internal. i called their UK office this morning, and been passed to one of their staff that do this marketing stuff i guess. he asked me to send the product list via fax or e-mail. the e-mail didn't work as there was quite a problem i guess. after jumaat prayer, i typed a letter to be faxed and it turned out that the fax number was not the correct one. tired and since today is quite hot like summer time, i slept until 6 pm.
great news! i've watched 'The Hours', i was offered my dream digicam - that FinePix S602 for £250 from an ebayer who noticed that i've been bidding this camera for quite sometime, i have received my Sigma EX lens, i sold my Artec Scanner and bought a hybrid Epson 1260 photo scanner and now i've 2 things in mind - selling my dynax 5 and trying the slide film - the Chromes, Sensias and Velvia.
Sigma EX is built like a tank and beautifully finished. Feel like a pro when i put this beautiful lens on my dynax 7. he he, i'll try it someday, probably when i'm going to do my flower portfolio within few weeks.
i'll talk about 'The Hours' and my new stuffs when i come back to this blog.


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