i'm back. this final year project thing makes me crazy. 16 days left, and i haven't finished the design yet. I should have started do the report thing at the moment. I am out of schedule, far away. why? my life wasn't so good lately. i had my 'give-up' mode and still having it i guess. damn... what am i gonna do now ?. Yesterday i made a decision that i believe makes me depress, and at the same time relief. my scandinavian trip is canceled now, perhaps just postpone it until we finish the final exam. things getting really tight in remmy's life and he has to re-check his project and this might sacrifice his easter break too. well...feel depress coz i was so excited about the trip since it could be my first time to step my foot in europe and i've been spending lots on planning and booking the trip. but i feel a bit relief coz i can do my project too without any rush, yeah..i can submit the project on the dateline - a month from now. so my easter break will be just in sheffield? no i guess, since i came out with a solid plan with fahmi to enjoy the beautiful Lake District, after my project dateline. and now i'm excited about this new plan. he he... Europe? well after final exam, it will be on my list.
my interview with Petronas wasn't so good. well it was bad actually, where my face turned red and mis zurila asked me ' why are you so nervous ?' . Perghh...it was just a procedure for us, the scholar actually, but i'm worried about it. I was lucky to be interviewed by En. Ali and Miss Zurila only, not the VP of our Human Resource...phew...
that's it for now. i need to start doing my project, as i've left it for few days with all of this stupid stuff - internet, movies, meadowhall, city centre, etc. - i'll be back someday.
-Bukan Cinta Biasa-
begitu banyak cerita
ada suka ada duka
cinta yang ingin kutulis
bukanlah cinta biasa
dua keyakinan beza
masalah pun tak sama
ku tak ingin dia ragu
mengapa mereka selalu bertanya
cintaku bukan di atas kertas
cintaku getaran yang sama
tak perlu dipaksa
tak perlu dicari
kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya
andaiku bisa merubah semua
hingga tiada orang terluka
tapi tak mungkin
ku tak berdaya
janji terikat setia
masa merubah segala
mungkin dia kan berlalu
ku tak mahu mereka tertawa
diriku hanya insan biasa
miliki naluri yang sama
tak ingin berpaling
tak ingin berganti
jiwaku sering saja berkata
andaiku mampu ulang semula
ku pasti tiada yang curiga
kasih kan hadir
tiada terduga
hanya yakin menunggu jawapan


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