i hate when my computer 'hang' when i'm half through of something. i'm back again after few hours, to talk about the movie that i watched last night. A masterpiece, i guess, from Roman Polanski, 'The Pianist'. I downloaded this movie 2 days ago, as soon i heard about this epic won 2 major awards on last sunday Oscar. Curious to know, how well this autobiography of a Polish-Jew pianist during World War 2 (WW2) has been envisaged on the screen by Polanski, and perfection of Andrien Brody potrayal as Wladyslaw Szpilman, that let both of them, grabbed these two awards from the others. I haven't watched this kind of movie before this, i mean about this Nazis-Jewish things during the WW2. Last night, has let me understand about a part of the WW2 history, from the life of a Polish-Jew, a victim of Nazis ideology. One thing that i just realize, i can't make comments on perfection of Brody potrayal as Szpilman, as i havent' read the book and i don't even know who he is. Like Julia Robert as Erin Brokovich, or, Judi Dench as Iris Murdoch, but he's still truly far from a John Nash on the hand of Russell Crowe. err.. i guess i can't make such comparison about this matter since, the potrayal of a real life person on the screen lies on the story-line of the movie itself. i.e. The Pianist, is not focusing on the character building itself, but the event of the war too, as opposed to the ABM, where it is all about John Nash. Erin Brokovich is about a milestone that happened in her life, while Iris from my point of view, focused more on Mr. Murdoch devotion and love to his wife, not the main character itself.
Watched 'The Pianist' while the war just started in Iraq, and read acceptance speech by Brody himself during the ceremony, left me with a deep thought, war is such a pain and unacceptable. 'You, germans are bullshit, see what you have done ! you took my life away from me. i'm a musician. you took my life and my soul !' words from a polish who was a friend of Szpilman in the movie as the russians defeated the germans. It is absolutely true, life and sould taken away from you and you'll never know what will happens next. One of the scene in the movie that really touched my heart was when Szpilman family was removed to a small camp, and came a little boy who was selling a small candy for a price of 20 bucks. Szpilman's dad asked the boy, 'What are you gonna do with the money kid ? We have nowhere and nothing to spend here.'. The kid didn't answer and just said ' It's 20 bucks for a candy', and the Szpilmans, give him the money for a small piece of candy, which was then cut into eight small pieces to be shared. No water, no food, just a small candy to be shared by eight people, tough isn't it?. Wladyslaw Szpilman then was splitted from his family, as they were about to take a train to another camp, and that was the moment of lonely Szpilman trying to survive from the hand of Nazis. With a help from kind non-jewish friends including his ex, Szpilman able to hide from the world, until the day he had to run away as almost nobody left in the city. Then, he met a kind Germans officer who helped him hiding in a ruined building, and he survived till the war ended. He got his life as a pianist back, but not his family.
It is a briliant movie and recommended to be watched, especially by you mr bush !. Or may be you should try to experience what Wladyslaw Szpilman did go through. Till then , World Peace.


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