i has been such a while again, i put my life away from this blog. same reason, i guess as moving towards the end of the semester, i'm getting busy. main factor, the project put my life in such a misery, too many things i had to change to my project stuff which means, i can't even make an exact kick-off for it. within about less than 5 weeks, while still considering other routines in my life, i have to complete all of this stuff. a meeting with my supervisor this morning makes me feel a bit release, as i got an exact guideline what i have to design now. it's a scrubber column to remove HCl instead of Cl2 ! hear that hussain! it is impossible to get Cl2 from gasification. well he's a great guy actually, briliant should i say, but most of the time, i feel he's kind of person that i don't like to deal with. May be he's not, but that's it. u'll know why when u meet him and work with him. and i have again to blame this project, that makes me unaware of my job interview that will be held in london this 13.03.03, 2 pm. it has been ages, i guess, since the last time i went to this kind of interview thing. feel like i don't have the 'touch' to speak, in English, to be more precised.
i met a great friend as i'm doing this project stuff. a spanish guy, who did kind of the same thing like i'm doing right now and he has been really helpful. A big fan of Valencia FC, and he's been kind of my personal supervisor. ha ha...thanks a lot Jose. i owed u a lot.
this saturday, there will be Sheffield Malaysian Games 2003, will be held at our university sports centre. at first, i was not looking forward for this event, as my schedule is packed. in fact, as i did experience a 'give-up' mode and ' i'm not a machine, help me out ' condition, i did tell myself, be gone the event. sigh...
things changed, as i missed my photography a lot, while i still can't make to watch Daredevil, The Hours etc., i need to get a life. One-day break is reasonable, as it is the last opportunity for me to take part in the event. I've started looking and playing with my gear at the moment, sigh* i still have few frames to be shot.
till then...


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