taking a break from my hectic schedule (really?). tomorrow, i need to submit the flowsheet for the part that i've been designing at the moment, and haven't drawn even a line yet on corel. it should have been done by yesterday actually, but lack of skills and information put my life in such a misery right now. i can say that myself is still in selection process, where i spent a whole day yesterday in front of my computers and reading bunch of books, just to get the right system for my design. this is the result of holding your work till last minute. urghhh...i'm cracked!
1st i have to consider what to be separated
2nd i have to consider the best available technique to separate them
3rd i have to find the equilibrium and kinetics data of separation process that takes place
4th i have to draw the flow sheet of the system
5th i have to do the mass balance and energy integration for the system
these are what i need to complete by tomorrow, well about 18 hours from now? huh..after that there will be hazop test on the system, while the same time i have to procede the technical design of the system. then i've to do some report on the group work that we did during the last semester, and then i've to design the control scheme for the whole plant. then report. i've less than 6 weeks for all of this. yada yada yada...


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