it has been for a while, i put my life away from this blog. and now i don't where to start. my exam was horrible.
1. particle processes - 'things don't always turn out that way!'
2. engineering management and economics - ' did i write anything on the answer sheet?' ..plz plz plz...let me pass
3. equipment design - well done...but how did tazli manage to answer all of the questions?
4. environmental protection - i got flu and fever ! isk me
5. transport process - flu and fever, i couldn't sleep
what i can conclude is - things don't always turn out the way you want it to be. exam is about everything. to get a good result, u need to have everything. what is everything? kind of dissappointed with all of these, because it wasn't like last year, during my 2nd year exam. i did start the revisions much earlier this time, but the feel like much more satisfied with the condition as i took last year exam. feel like missing something.
got letters from petronas about the job interview. will be held at 2pm on 13.03.03, london. sent checked CV by valentine's day. kak yam told shira, they received it already.
2nd phase final year project just started. still reading all the books, figuring what to do, and waiting for something from others while preparing myself to get rid of bugger.
thanks to people at cheresources, i'll catch up with u guys later if i need help.
while searching the net, found an interesting site, blurred-addiction by a steve, a guy from canada. like the layout of his site.
whatelse? movies? huh..i can't make it anymore...Chicago, The Hours, About Schmidt, Gangs of NY, and few good movies, still in my waiting list.
last weekend, went to peak district, notts and fountain abbey with bard and imran. bard drove the nissan primera - besar bagak - thanks bard!
today? well spent hours on the net, finding information about italy.
that's all. good night.


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