i'm such a lucky guy. i got my result yesterday and i passed all papers. Thanx GOD. Yeah it's not a first class result, but much better than i expected. First person i told was my mum and dad, then faiez and then all my good friends. feel a bit strange coz i celebrated it like i just get a 1st class...ha ha..but that's me. and the only thing that so far prevents me from upset with my academic performance, is always understand your ability and set your goal base on it. that so far worked for me, except for my A-Level.
i mumbled about italy before, but things changed. he he...it's not about venice - rome -verona- pisa anymore, it is not about italy. suddenly i came out a plan to visit scandinavian countries with remmy. so it sounds like this now london -malmo -copenhagen - oslo -stockolm - helsinki - london. huh sounds great...and of course my pocket will be emptied soon. why not italy? i will someday!. why scandinavians? well, sounds interesting. people, i mean my mates normally don't think to go up to north, most of them went to the south. so may be i just want to make somethin different. he he. in fact, i've been dreaming to visit those countries actually, well..not as much as i fancied about Italy and Paris. well may be because i got somebody to go with, yeah if u asked them about italy or paris, quite easy to get somebody to join you.
whatelse? need to complete my flowsheet for final year project.still figuring out what to do. hopefully can make it by monday. pen off.


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