exam fever

Within 3 days, i'm gonna sit my first paper of my 1st semester exam. What the hell am i doing now? Updating own blog? Huh, it has been almost 2 weeks i left my blog with nothing. Lot of things happened and i just can't put everything at the moment. Think..think...how to put everything now...well make a list..put them in point form...as simple as that...he he.
My photography project on still-life a.k.a glass chess set that i borrowed from Tazli succeed. Photos turned out really great and i'm amazed...well thanks to jessops too. I posted some of them to photo.net to get some comments, but it wasn't that easy. It's quite hard to get an attention in such a huge community site like that. In fact if you are just a beginner like me, and espcially a Minolta user (i guess), you won't get people attention as fast as you want. One of my pictures has been viewed for almost 1400 times, but i only managed to get 2 ratings. It turned out damn worst as one of the user put comments that he like my pictures and gave quite good ratings, but ruined everything by saying that he took the same picture too, but the lab didn't print the pictures. What the hell he's doing that? It might affect the tendency people to give ratings to my pictures and i might lost lot of marks for the originality aspects of the pictures. I hate what he did !!! Feeling disappointed, i guess, i deleted my portfolio on the site.
My life is all about chemical engineering at the moment. Yeah...it is a must, since my exam starts this friday and my everyday, is about reading the notes and attempting the questions. I need to get everything right this time, i don't want to screw it up. I'm in final year now and the % taken from this year is 75%. If i want to get first class i need to get an average for this year around 80%....but i don't hope for too high and i'm going to get at least 70%, enough for me to secure my 2.1 class for my degree while hoping that my final year project runs smoothly. (p/s: I hate Hussain keep bugging me). Yes you can do it...but stop wasting your time...ok...but i did go to watch movie last week! What did you do that? It's Harry Potter...and it's now showing on a screen, 3 times a day only at UGC...if i didn't go, i might be missed it. Quite good actually, but since they want to put too many things in the movie, i felt like the movies lost it flow. You should learn from Pete Jackson he he
Sigma Macro EX F2.8 or Classic Camera - well between this two things, i'm possibly going to consider the macro lens...but i need to sell my gear first. Well wait until exam finish....or anytime when i'm free....he he
I'm addicted to Smallville now! Just finished downloading all the 1st season episodes and manage to watch 7 episodes up to now. Premiere of the 2nd seasons will be next week i think, but now i'm downloading them to my pc's ...he he...
OK...that's it. Need to continue my Particle Processess revision. Don't know when i'm gonna comin back here.

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