the silver-screen

Movies that i wached at cinema in year 2002:
1. The Princess Diary
2. Panic Room
3. Iris
4.Bend It Like Beckham
5.Monsoon Wedding
6.Spider-Man - 3 times
7. I Am Sam
8.The Time Machine
10. Austin Powers 3: Goldmember - 3 times
11.Resident Evil
12.Birthday Girl
13.Men In Black 2
14.Minority Report
15.Reign Of Fire
16.Spy Kids 2
19.The Sum Of All Fears
20.Talk To Her
22.Monster's Ball
25.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
26.Scooby Doo
29.A Walk To Remember
31.The Sweetest Thing
32.Road To Perdition
33.One Hour Photo
34. Lilo And Stich
36.Red Dragon
37.Sweet Sixteen
38.The Bourne Identity
40.Halloween Resurrection
41.Die Another Day
43.Donnie Darko
44.Sweet Home Alabama
46. Ice Age
47.A Beautiful Mind
48.Ocean's Eleven
49. Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers - 3 times. is almost 52 movies, but considering i've watched 3 movies for 3 times, well i've set a record for myself. Muaahaaa...but i haven't watched Harry Potter 2 yet, and i missed some of good movies last year such as The Quiet American, Y Tu Mama Tambien and even the Jackson's saga - The Fellowship Of The Ring. (not including Attack of The Clones...he he..i won't watch it even being paid). Few movies has been in my list to be watched as soon as they are released here. Well what are they? Again The Two Towers (i'm obsessed!!!), Good Girl, Chicago, Harry Potter 2, and whatelse? Not sure i'm going for 2 Leo films or not.. i mean the Catch Me If You Can and Gang Of New York...may be not...he he.
What a lovely day today, well i'm gonna take some pictures today in my room. my room since i'm trying to get use to the idea of still-image (what ever they call it) photography. I can do it indoor, good then since winter is bloody cold here. I bought 4 boards yesterday, different colour to be the backdrop for my shooting session. Subject? well i've few in minds but i need to tidy up my room first...

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