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crossing paradise - the cormorant fisherman of Li river

the cormorant fisherman li river, yangshuo guangxi, china september 2016
this is the main highlight of the trip. the cormorant fisherman has been nothing less than iconic image that depicts the tradition of the Li river, hence Guangxi itself. our trip to meet the fishermen was scheduled on the fourth day of our trip. after a gloomy morning to memo-graph the wonder of Yangshuo landscape, we were hoping this trip could spice up back our mood. 
we left the hotel around 3pm, after had our lunch and rest. the journey to the bank of Li river, to meet the fishermen took a while. we passed the small town outside Yangshuo, and even a small bridge that could only pass by one car/bus at a time. a lady greeted us as we arrived at the car park, and talked to our guide, Mike. Andy was no longer with us as we left Longji. the job as tour guide now has been passed to a new no-less talkative guy. 
a thing that ponder me for a while. apparently, the session to memo-graph the fishermen apparently now has b…

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